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Koch's Steering Wheel Restoration

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Koch's has been the industry leader in steering wheel restoration since 1990. We restore all types of steering wheels. Each job is priced depending on the condition of the steering wheel.

Because we handle such a large variety of wheels, and each wheel is different, we are unable to give you an exact price to restore your wheel until we see it. Please send your wheel to us and include a note with your name, address and telephone number. One of our service technicians will contact you.

Koch's recasts numerous steering wheels. Please visit our Mold List page for a list of the years and models available.

PO Box 959
Acton, California 93510
Tel: (661) 268-1341
Fax: (661) 268-7011

Tel: (661) 268-1341Fax: (661) 268-7011Email:

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